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Issue 37 Digital

ON SALE-- Digital Edition of Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #37 features Nick Baxter, Brent Patten, Andreas Coenen, Workhorse Irons and more...

TAM 37: Nick Baxter's interview is one of the most thoughtful, enlightening articles in TAM's history. Nick has taken tattooing and being a tattooer into totally new directions. Always in high demand as an artist, author, integral thinker, Nick strikes a chord with the modern artist and fan. He explores health, nature, art and the business of tattooing in this article, shares his history and we ask about his famous professional seminars on 'Holistic Tattooing' and how influencial they've been to thousands of tattooers around the globe! Great Read! 

Brent Patten and Andreas Coenen articles, too, plus lots more...




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