Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 24

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #24 features Phil Holt, Jason Kundell, Dan Sinnes and more...

Jason Kundell - By Trevor McStay
Phil Holt - By Matt Shamah
Dan Sinnes - By Wido de Marval
Memoir Tattoo - One Year Anniversary
Deadly Decks Art Show - By Jesse Dolphin
Tex Rowe Design Book - King of the Tattoo Designers
Tattoo Travel Book - Book Review
Tattoo Artist: A Collection of Narratives - Book Review
Step by Step - Creating a self portrait By Coulter "Colt" Prem
Professional Product Review - Blaq Paq
TatCon Level 3 - Chapter 1: Registration By Scott Harrison
Rollo & Me - The Illustrating Man By Keith Underwood and Dan Henk
Des Connolly Writes Louise - (Sailor Jerry's Widow)
Cliff Raven Photo Album - By Nick Colella and Erik Gillespie
For The Record - Pelikan Ink By Tattoo Archive
One Pagers - Kelu, Slick Nick