Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 22

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #22 features Dave Gibson, Marcus Kuhn, Dan Dringenberg and more...

Marcus Kuhn - The Road to Redemption By Eric Michalovic
Dave Gibson - By Oliver Peck
Dan Dringenberg - By Shane Enholm
Rollo Letter - To Keith Underwood
Natonal Tattoo Convention - Painted Banners for the Colonel Todd Hardship Fund
Professional Product Review - Bloodline Ink
Cliff Raven Photo Album - By Nick Colella and Erik Gillespie
For The Record - Pigment By Tattoo Archive
One Pagers - Sarah Schor, Alex De Pase
NewsFlash - Jen Munford & Ben Siebert, Chris Lain
Book Reviews - Gods and Warriors Horimana: The Works of Chris Trevino, Bob Roberts In a World of Compromise...I Don't