Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 20

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #20 features Chad Koeplinger, Jim Rosal, Sid Stankovits and more...

Chad Koeplinger - By Timothy Hoyer
Sid Stakovits - Sid's Tattoo Parlor By Crash
Jim Rosal - tat zappin', fishin', and machine buildin' By Matt Arriola
Rollo & Me - By Keith Underwood and Dan Henk
Sailor Jerry Letter - To Paul Rogers
Cliff Raven Photo Album - By Nick Colella and Erik Gillespie
Saint George and the Dragon - By Tattoo Archive
God Blesses You - Russian Prison Tattoos By Valery Sibrikov
Skin and Bones - Philadelphia Boat Show By Kerry O'Connor
Product Review - Grey Wash Series
Book Reviews - Blood & Guts vol 1 & 2, Ichibay, Coquille or Be Killed
News Flash - Dave Woodard, Matt Rinks
One Pagers - Electric Pick, Chris Lain



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