Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 19

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #19 features Bob Roberts, CIV, Katie Sellergren and more...

Bob Roberts - No Superfluous Flummery By Shane Enholm
CIV - By Todd Noble Holloway
Katie Sellergren - By Mr. Anonymous
Cliff Raven Photo Album - By Nick Colella and Erik Gillespie
BloodWork: Sleeves - By Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv
Sailor Jerry Letter - To Paul Rogers
Rings - Russian Prison Tattoos By Valery Sibrikov
Product Review - Alla Prima
For The Record - The Cleveland's By Tattoo Archive
Book Reviews - Tyson McAdoo, Workhorse Irons Hardback Sketchbooks, Japanese Ghost Stories
One Pagers - Taku, Kyle Crowell
News Flash - Tattoo Artist Magazine Flash Set 3, Chriss Dettmer