Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 18

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #18 features Jeff Rassier, Aaron Bell, Ernie Gosnell and more...

Jeff Rassier - By Oliver Peck
Aaron Bell - By Jerrett Spaeth
Ernie Gosnell - By Oliver Peck
Step By Step - D.I.Y. Ink Mixer By Gentle
Inksmith & Rogers - 25th Anniversary Art Party By Jill "Horiyuki" Mandelbaum
Sailor Jerry Letter - Tattooing In America
The Spider - Russian Prison Tattoos By Valery Sibrikov
For The Record - The Zeis Studio - Flash By Tattoo Archive
Product Review - Yellowman Shirts
Alla Prima Launch Party - In Las Vegas By John Montgomery
Book Reviews - Shige, Horimasa, Stoney St. Clair
One Pagers - Hexa, Big Gus
News Flash - Dawn Cooke, Katie Sellergren