Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 17

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #17 features Matt Shamah, Frank Lee, Chuck Eldridge and more...

Matt Shamah - Is All About The Dark Stuff By Jim Miner
C.W. Eldridge - Profile of a Historian By Shane Enholm
Frank Lee - How To Destroy Christmas By Eric Michalovic
Depot Town - Dawn Cooke's new shop
Sailor Jerry Letter - Letter to Paul Rogers
Prison Kings - Russian Prison Tats By Valery Sibrikov
Unplugged II - Hosted by Magnum Opus Tattoo
For The Record - Prof. James S. Fraser By Tattoo Archive
Professional Product Review - Eagle View Tattoo Light
Book Reviews - Jackalope of Doom, The Human Skull & Filigree, Bert Grimm Tattoo Flash Collection
One Pagers - A.P. Shrewsbury, David Bruehl
News Flash - Dan Rick, Daniel Cotte, David Bruehl & Dan Rick