Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 13

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #13 features Scott Harrison, Juan Puente, Joel Long and more...

Scott Harrison - Who Are By Oliver Peck
Juan Puente - By Crash
Joel Long - The Ramblings Of By Alan Thompson
Oliver Peck - Sets The World Record For Most Tattoos in 1 Day
Sailor Jerry Letter - The History of Tattooing in Japan
Skulls By Esra - By Crash & Esra
End Of An Era? - One Hundred Years of Relay Power By Bill Baker
For The Record - Gib (Tatts) Thomas By Tattoo Archive
Jinx Proof Tattoos - Grand Re-Opening Party By Dave Waugh
Book Reviews - The Skull Project, Forever and Ever, Underway Is The Only Way
Artist Portfolios - Featuring Jay Chastain, Andrew Conner
News Flash - Featuring Craig Driscoll, A.P. Shrewsbury