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Body Shrine

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34 Pages

5.75" x 9"

Told from the perspective of one very respected female tattoo artist, several beautifully written stories about the client/artist relationship. These moving experiences and beautiful photographs tell the tale of an inspiring life...Dawn Cooke, a recent graduate from the College for Creative Studies, tattoo artist, fine artist, entrepreneur, and single mother, has made a life tattooing since 2000. Born and raised in the Detroit area by Italian immigrants on her fathers side and a single biker mama on the other side, her life has been a constant paradox of duality.The complexity of human psycology and cultural structures become an underlying thread in her work by default. Body Shrine is a photographic and memoir style documentation of the client/artist experience between one female tattoo artist and her clients. It is a very personal account of some of the interaction in the tattoo shop setting.