Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 23

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #23 features Thom deVita, Thomas Hooper, Robert Ryan, SOBA and Mike Ness.

Thom deVita
Thomas Hooper - By Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan - The Mystical Journal By Petri
Mike Ness - of Social Distortion By Crash and Jimmy Perlman
SOBA - Workhorse Irons By Crash
Bob Roberts & Bert Krak - Ladies Welcome Art Show By Daniel Santoro
Paradise Tattoo Gathering - Presented by Tattoo Now and Off The Map Tattoo
Letter from Rollo - By Mike Malone
For The Record - The Coney Island of the West By Tattoo Archive
Telos Tarot - Book Review
Unplugged 2 - Book Review
Ryushin - Book Review
Cliff Raven Photo Album - By Nick Colella and Erik Gillespie
One Pagers - Forrest Cavacco, Caesar
NewsFlash - Bert Krak/Eddie Deutsche, Jay Chastain



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