Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 14

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #14 features Tony Hundahl, Uncle Allan, Steve Byrne and more...

Scratch Art - Canvas Los Angeles By Adam B. Foreman
Ghost Town - Matt Rinks' tattoo studio in Maryland
Uncle Allan - By Crash
Steve Byrne - By Thomas Hooper
Tony Hundahl - By Crash
Sailor Jerry - Lost Letters To Paul Rogers
Machine Stuff - The Trouble With Relays By Bill Baker
For The Record - The Rose Tattoo: Tennessee Williams By Tattoo Archive
Psychological Study - What Motivates a Tattoo Collector? By Teri Matthews
Book Reviews - Jime Litwalk Sketchbooks, The Force in the Flesh, Times of Grace: Eckel, Eckel Sketchbook, BJ Betts' Lettering Guide #3
Artist Portfolios - Featuring Tilt, Jime Litwalk
News Flash - Featuring O'Reilly's, Jay Chastain



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