Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 11

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Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #11 features Chris Treviño, Chris Dingwell, Hunter Spanks and more...

Chris Trevino - By Crash
Hunter Spanks - Eating Wind and Shitting Flames By DJ Rose
Chris Dingwell - The Essence of Memory... By Brendan Rowe
The Blood Red Project - Company Spotlight: Workhorse Irons & Stable Color By Crash
Immolation - Phil Holt Art Show - By Jesse Lee Denning
Skull & Sword - Grime's New Digs
Tattoo Tales - FOR Mike Malone By Kandi Everett
For The Record - Terry Wrigley (1932-1999) By Tattoo Archive
Artist Portfolios - Featuring Jeff Gogue, Atom Messer, Matt Arriola
Book Reviews - TAM Book Reviews
News Flash - Featuring, Jay Cavna



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