Tattoo Artist Magazine

Issue 10

Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #10 features Alex Reinke, Wido de Marval, Scott Sylvia, Dan Trocchio and more...

Alex Reinke - Backgrounds By Crash
Wido de Marval - The Water Boy By Crash
Scott Sylvia - Work Fucking Hard By Marcus Kuhn
Dan Trocchio - From Beer To Eternity By Kore Flatmo
Warped Tour 07 - Underwood and Peck(er)
Shawn Barber - The Barb By Grime
Rollo: 1942-2007 - Mike Malone (Rollo Banks) Memorial Service
Tattoo Tales - FOR Mike Malone By Margret Moser
For The Record - Helen Forbes By Tattoo Archive
Book Reviews - History of Japanese Body Suit Tattooing, Mitch O'Connell Tattoos, 1000 Oriental Tattoo Designs
Artist Portfolios - Featuring Katie Sellergen, Tim Harris
News Flash - Featuring Hunter Spanks, Kelu



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