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TAM's Tattoo Crate

The rich culture of the tattoo industry is something that deserves to be memorialized and appreciated the same way we appreciate beautiful works of body art. Now is YOUR chance to own your own collection of tattoo memorabilia, with Tattoo Crate! Tattoo Crate takes all the interesting bits of tattoo culture and delivers them right to your door! Tattoo Crate is a limited print box that only comes out quarterly that brings you an interesting and practical assortment of tattoo-related items from aftercare product samples, apparel, and one of a kind works of art from your favorite tattoo artists.

In this crate, you'll find:


Permanent Doodles Coloring Book - Created by Ink Master Robbie Ripoll & Bobby Link! 

Stickers & Buttons from Tattoo Artists Around the World

Tattoo Collector/Tattoo Artist Pins

TAM T-Shirt

Digital Links to Never Before Seen Tattoo Collections

Plus!!! Every Box Comes with a Mystery Item From a Well-Established Tattoo Artist & A Chance to Win $500 Towards a Tattoo - Any Artist - Anywhere. You Pick the Artist,  We Pay the Bill (Up to $500)

Pre-order your Tattoo Crate! All Items are Limited and While Supplies Last! 




Tattoo Artist Magazine and the individuals we represent stand behind every item sold in our store. Note, all supplies are available to purchase ONLY by setting up an account with us. We will check to make sure you are a PROFESSIONAL TATTOO ARTISTS BEFORE SHIPPING

Thanks, TAM


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