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TAM 10 cd/dvd SET

Set of 10 random TAM video cd/dvds, each featuring multiple in-depth artist interviews and footage of each artist at work.

REGULAR PRICE $100 - YOURS for ONLY $25.00 !! - A Great Gift for any artist -

-- Random selection of Artist Interviews will include SOME of these artists: Oliver Peck, Horiyoshi III, Grime, Marcus Pacheco, Filip Leu, Sabine, Chris Trevino, Hunter Spanks, Tony Hundahl, Scott Harrison, Scott Sylvia, Jeff Rassier, Juan Puente, Frank Lee, Steve Byrne, Phil Holt, Matt Shamah, Chris Odonnell, Jeff Gogue, Shige, Civ, Bob Roberts, Jason Brooks, Chad Koeplinger, Thomas Hooper, Robert Ryan, Paul Booth and many others!



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