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By Kevin Miller Source: Earlier this week, Durb Morrison announced on Instagram that RedTree Tattoo Gallery would be opening a second location in Phoenix, Arizona. In the same announcement, Durb officially stated he would be relocating to Phoenix. This is obviously a huge announcement, as Durb is a leader in the Ohio tattoo scene and the tattoo industry as a whole. To find out more about this news, we caught up with Durb Morrison and asked him a couple questions. Red Tree Tattoo Tattoo Snob: Let’s start off with the basics Where is original location of Red Tree Tattoo, and when did it open? Durb Morrison: The RedTree Tattoo Gallery opened in 2012 at in Italian Village connected to the Short North Arts District at 1002 N. 4th St. in Columbus, Ohio TS: Who currently works at the Ohio location? DM: The artists at RedTree in Columbus are myself, Adam FranceGunnarKevin StressRich Cook, and Rusty Dornhecker. TS: The shop is a little different than your average tattoo shop, can you tell us a little about that and why you chose to have it that way?  DM: RedTree Tattoo Gallery is an entirely different format than what I have done in the past with studios. RedTree is a private appointment only, consultation only studio. There is no neon “Tattoo” sign in the window, no open sign, no hours on the door and is very unassuming as a tattoo studio. Typically we lock the door so noone’s focus is broken and artists are able to create in a relaxed, uninterrupted environment. Red Tree Tattoo TS: Where exactly will the new location be, and when do you anticipate it opening? DM: RedTree Phoenix will be located somewhere in either Tempe or the greater downtown arts district. We haven’t solidified the exact location at this time but when we do, we will be sure to announce that news on our social networks and the RedTree website. TS: I assume that there’s not a coincidence between the new Red Tree Tattoo being in Phoenix, and the fact that there’s a Hell City Phoenix… but why? What about Phoenix do you love? DM: I’ve actually had a longtime connection with Phoenix and I’ve been visiting there nearly every year for the last 20 years developing many great bonds with artists and friends, my son also was conceived there and we actually gave him the middle name “Phoenix” due to my love for the valley, I was actually supposed to move there nearly 10 years ago after I sold my old tattoo studios, “Stained Skin” but decided to stay in Ohio for the love of raising my son until that mission was complete, well now it is. It’s not by chance that I took Hell City to Phoenix as well, I’ve been enamored by Phoenix for a very long time! Both Hell City Tattoo Festivals will continue to remain in Columbus, Ohio as well as Phoenix, Arizona TS: Do you know what artists will be tattooing at the location in Phoenix? DM: So far the new tattoo artists at RedTree traveling from Ohio are myself, Adam France, Toby Gerhlich with others in the works as well as guest artists and paint nights much like we already do at our Ohio location. TS: With artists from Ohio headed to Phoenix, does this mean the Ohio location will have new artists working at it? DM: RedTree Tattoo Gallery Ohio will continue to have the original crew members like Richard Cook, Gunnar and Kevin Stress as well as continuing to have guest artists. They will be bringing in a few new permanent artists as well to take the place of Adam and I. TS: Any last words? DM: Stay tuned to Paint night at Red Tree Tattoo

Written by 25486278 — January 28, 2014

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