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By Pete DuFrene
Most individuals that I meet who work in a tattoo studio often mention to me..."You're furniture is really bloody great, but unfortunately I don't have a $1000 kicking around for a light table, and some of the stuff that I would like to have in the studio isn't readily available and at an affordable price." So I talked with a friend of mine involved in the tattoo industry, he mentioned something to me; "Why don't you offer a line of products that are more affordable? Products that are in the $450.00 or less price range."
I thought to myself. "Hmmm...what can I possibly build that would be useful to a tattoo artists at that price and still keep my head afloat."


After spending some time talking with him and other artists, I came up with some pretty damn good products which we both agreed upon as being really useful and also look great. These are products which will make your life as an artist much more simple and accessible, and will also be a striking piece in your shop. They will also offer trimmings and aspects of old traditional woodwork. As per don't have to worry about disease spreading on the porous wood surface, because what I use is health board approved. I offer it in three different finishes for your needs. I saturate every nook and cranny so you can be confident its 100% good to go. dsc_0060s (2) DSC_0088s (2)
As with all my products, they can be customized. You give me your dimensions, then you choose your specie of wood, stain and handles (if applicable). Consider this the strip tease; now go to my website, and get the full pricing and many more photos of these incredibly useful and great products. You can also come see me at the Philly Tattoo Convention, so feel free to stop by, say "Hi." I would love to meet all of you and talk craft!
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Written by 25486278 — November 21, 2013

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