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I got some time and had an online chat with tattooer and all around good guy, Destroy Troy. Following is the interview, and ways you can reach him yourself for any inquiries. Interview by Jordan Tinney  Reblogged from: Jordan Tinney: What is your (nick)name and where do you work? Destroy Troy: I go by “Destroy Troy”. I tattoo at Timeless Tattoo in Historic Westport in Kansas City, Missouri. USA JT: What year did you start tattooing professionally, and what got you started on tattooing? DT: I started working in tattoo shops 2005 then started tattooing full time in 2007. I’ve always had an interest in art. Lots of drawing and painting when I was a kid, I got my first tattoo & the next thing I knew I had sleeves.

3e4da558e3eb11e18a3522000a1cf770_7 JT: How did your nickname “Destroy Troy” come to be? DT: I was apprenticed by someone with a nickname/tattoo name and forced to get one. Not knowing what to pick, I used my URL from MySpace, which was DestroyTroy because TroyDestroy was already taken. Hahaha. I’m screwed now, if I google my birth name, nothing shows up.

JT: Where was your first shop, and how long were you there for? DT: The first shop I worked at is in Kansas City. I worked there for 2 years as a front counter guy/cleaner. JT: You do a lot of traveling, do you have a shop you call “home” or are you on the road the majority of the time? DT: I was on the road from Oct 2007 - July 2011. Bouncing from Australia, New Zealand, Istanbul and Europe mostly. I came back to the USA to chill out and stop traveling, but here I am doing one convention/guest spot after the next. I call Kansas City home & I have a home base there at Timeless Tattoo, but I am mostly on the road.


JT: Explain hash tags and why you feel they’re important to the social networking aspect of tattoos/tattooing? DT: The # symbol, or hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet or photos in Instagram.  It was created by Twitter users to categorize messages. I’m not sure if they are important, but they sure as fuck help me put the word out there as I travel to new city’s. JT: Where do you draw your major influences from, as an artist? Your lines are super bold, more so than some other tattooers I’ve seen. DT: Sailor Jerry & Don Ed Hardy where major influences when I first got into tattooing. Guy’s like Adam Shields, Mario Desa, Braden Kendall, Chad Koeplinger and Deno Jr. Influenced me later on. More recently I’m influenced by art that isn’t tattoo art to pull fresh ideas. I also think smoking DMT has fueled a creative fire in me too. The bold lines? I guess you can blame Sailor Jerry for that. I think a good tattoo is one that you can tell what it is within a few seconds and from 10 feet away. JT: In those rare moments that you’re not traveling or tattooing, what do you do to utilize your free time? DT: I love drawing, always have. I’ll do that, or ride my bike. I also enjoy lounging around being lazy with my 7 month old puppy Dingo.


JT: How do you feel about the current state of tattooing, and the bastardizations of the craft embodied in reality tattoo shows? DT: It has done some good, it’s hard to look at the positive aspects of it all. The positives would be that it has lightened up the stigma against tattoos in society & has made it widely accepted, which can open people’s minds and fuel the tattoo business even more. The negative side to it? Every jack off that thinks he can draw wants to tattoo now. Tons of kitchen wizards are popping up all over the place. I think these people think that tattooing is a easy job and it’s not. Most of my friend’s that tattoo put in easily 60+ hours a week when you total up the time drawing and painting late at night. Scratcher shops are popping up left and right with owners who don’t even tattoo, all eager to cash in on something they should leave alone. There are positives and negatives to it all it’s a double edged sword. I just can’t wait till the “ink tat shows” all die off and people get over it. Reality TV isn’t reality. Unless its Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey! That is my only exception hahahaah. JT: Do you feel your traveling all over the country(see:world) has impacted your work and thought proccesses as a tattooer? Negatively or positively? DT: Totally in a positive way. Picking up new ideas, inspirations, and techniques from great artist from all over. Dusty Neal from Fort Wayne, Sam Rulz from Melbourne, Adam Craft from New Zealand, Timbo Dunn from Perth, Danny Garcia in Instanbul. JT: What conventions or shops can we find you at over the next few months? Timeless Tattoo in Kansas City.


DT: Conventions September: Jacksonville Florida, Biloxi Mississippi. October: Philadelphia, New Jersey, Vegas. November-December: New Plymouth New Zealand with travels to Wellington and Auckland. JT: Preferred way to be reached? DT: Instagram @DestroyTroy   Check out TAM for more awesome interviews: Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 11.00.39 AM

Written by 25486278 — November 08, 2013

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