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November 1, 2013 For further information: Ed Niemczura Lark Tattoo 1610 Old Country Road Westbury, NY 11590 516-794-5844 Lark Tattoo, Westbury, NY, auctions art to help Long Island’s stray and abandoned animals, via League for Animal Protection of Huntington. Lark Tattoo, since openings its doors in 1993, has been committed to creating incredible custom tattooing and piercings. Lark Tattoo hosts over a dozen highly skilled professional tattoo artists along with a full schedule of guests artists from around the world. The crew has been published and awarded by numerous national and international organizations, and built its reputation on fine custom tattooing and exceptional customer service. As a client of Lark Tattoo you will always experience a level of respect and gratitude seldom seen in the industry. A tattoo shop might be the last place you might look for a group of empathetic, big-hearted, animal-loving, “softies,” but then again, Lark Tattoo is not your typical tattoo shop. The artists of Lark Tattoo are committed to not only making a difference in the tattoo and piercing community, but also the local communities the artists live and work in. Animals are a huge part of the artists’ lives and when the possibility of helping stray and abandoned animals presented itself, the artists jumped at the opportunity. But how could a bunch of artists help? The answer would require the team to put their heads together! Eureka! Heads! The answer was staring them in the face. Lark Tattoo’s artists could customize ceramic skulls, auction off the skulls, and donate all of the money to the League for Animal Protection of Huntington. A fast phone-call to the League for Animal Protection of Huntington, and the project was off and running! While each artist at Lark Tattoo is well versed in a variety of art styles for their tattooing, each artist has a style he or she enjoys doing for themselves. Each artist was given the same type of blank ceramic skull, with no instructions or boundaries for creating the end products for the skull auction. What resulted was some of the most awe-inspiring, unique works of art, each with its own style, flair, and specialized artist’s touch. From mixed media to traditional Polynesian markings; from stipple dot work, to traditional roses, each skull is different, and as distinct as the artists who created the skull artwork. Clients of the shop, tattoo and art enthusiasts, and animal lovers alike will all have the opportunity to bid and win a skull, which will not only be a statement piece for the home or office, but it also represents a donation to the League for Animal Protection of Huntington. The full amount of the winning bid will be donated to the League for Animal Protection of Huntington--that’s right 100% of the money is going to the League for Animal Protection of Huntington. Open your hearts and your wallets and help the abandoned animals of Long Island. Skulls will be listed on eBay starting November 20th, and run for 10 days. Winners can have their prized skull shipped, or pick it up in-person at Lark Tattoo, 1610 Old Country Road, Westbury, NY 11590. For further information about Lark Tattoo, links to the auctions, and about the fundraiser, go to Lark Tattoo’s website, and/or their Facebook page  Lark Tattoo can also be reached for comments by phone 516-794-5844, or by email Information can also be found at the League for Animal Protection of Huntington’s website, at

Written by 25486278 — November 05, 2013

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