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By Mauricio Tadashi


With social media being so popular these days, many artists are taking advantage of it by creating a huge following and promoting their work on-line.
Most of the tools available today are free, making it easier for the artist to showcase their art and have an instant feedback.
Some of the tools most commonly used today are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
A few things have to be considered when starting a profile.
*Make sure you give credit if you post something you didn't make.
*Consistency is key.
*Update your feed regularly.
*Keep it professional but show that you are human, posting pictures of your work is fine, but people like to know about their artist too!
We had a little talk with Brad Anderson, founder of @Art_collective with over 240k active followers on Instagram, he was kind enough to share some of his experience and will give some tips on how to make the most out of the app.
MT- When did you start @Art_collective? 
AC- November 5th 2012.
What motivated you to create the page? 
Art Collective was inspired by the efforts of The ISI Group "Industry Supporting industry" Created/Owned by my brother/partner Dana Anderson and Phillip Limon Owner of Cornerstone Art Gallery in Las Vegas, NV. Focusing on Low brow art & art shows with live paintings, music, etc... These efforts have brought so many artists from all over the Las Vegas Valley together to celebrate the one thing they all have in common, love for art and the community.
I saw the opportunity within Instagram to reach out further to supporting artists on a global scale by creating a social media based gallery. Art Collective meaning "a collective of efforts" brought into one.
What is your goal with it? I've seen you are collaborating with other brands on merchandise do you plan on turning Art Collective into a Brand?
Main goal is and will always be to support art and the industry. Art collective is now officially a brand owned and operated by myself and wife Launi Anderson. We have reached out to many brands Such as RSI Apparel, Out Of Step Books, our now partner Original Urban Style (Mauricio Tadashi) and of course The ISI Group.
Now also working with many charities, utilizing the growing popularity of Art Collective to reach out to needy families supplying their children with art supplies... We hope to continue these efforts with the support of the art community.
We recently released a calendar with Out of Step Books and have many more great art/artists supporting projects to come in the near future.
Working on merchandise with The ISI Group and Original Urban style.
What are some tips you have for artists starting out on Instagram?
Well there are many tricks to Instagram. Take the time to like and comment on fellow artists posts, this only takes a few seconds but will greatly increase your exposure. Small things like angled images, pen, pencils, paint brushes (what ever your medium) in the image greatly helps by the added charm and very important with realism as solidification that it is not a photo. Also "wips" (work in progress) shots will not only help keep your feed active but are very intriguing to enthusiasts/collectors.
As far as Instagram goes it's important to treat it differently then other social media outlets as it is a completely different animal. Being imagery based or as I call it "ADHD" friendly! Instagram users are logged in to be wowed by images not to read, the more writing and visible tags the less activity you will receive on that particular post. Advise here is to simplify your captions and add tags in as a comment. Adding tags as a comment allows them to be hidden after 4 other comments are made.
Biggest advise... Interact positively as the growth of Instagram and other social media has brought on more and more "competition" within the industry... There is no longer room for ego.
Do you believe there are etiquette when posting online? what are the "do"s & "don't"s you would point out?
Yes I think there is definitely a etiquette! Like I said before there is no room for ego. A simple thank you to your "fans" goes a long way.
What do you look for in artwork to feature on your page?
Honestly I am looking to be inspired. I can not feature a piece that doesn't inspire me as my hope is to inspire others. Quality of work, charm, concept and over all attitude.
Art Collective personal note: 
First of all I would like to thank you guys for your interest in our efforts! We will continue to promote artists with the sincere approach that was implemented from the very beginning, with the continuing growth "trend" of "art assistant" pages on social media it's very important to us to uphold the highest standard in keeping these efforts pure and done for the right reasons. We as a brand share art/artists from around the globe because we truly love to do so. These efforts are much more then just throwing a art piece on a page in hopes to gain attention and popularity, this is and will always come from our love for art and the industry. Thank you again! Support Art!
Thank you guys for taking the time to read this.
Feel free to drop me a line with your comments and feedback about this post.
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Written by 25486278 — October 15, 2013

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