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3 By Casey Keener I had an opportunity to head out to Gardena California to check out the new Union Machine and Union Electric Tattoo shop recently to catch up with Big5 and Rupert and see for myself what all the buzz was about. I personally have always been fascinated with what goes into building machines, and Union Machine didn't disappoint. With all the parts being made in house, I felt a little like I was getting a window into a couple of guys' minds who truly live and breathe the art of tattooing and making machines, and all the while the Machine side has only "technically" being in business for just a year! 1 I also got a chance to speak to some of their clients lately and was turned onto Union Machines by Josh Duffy. The shop is pretty nondescript from the outside but when you walk in through the lone red door you realize that Rupert and Big5 spend a lot of time here. In the lobby there was an empty display case where product was supposed to be and realizing it was empty I began to think they will have great success ahead of them.  They boast a clientele list with some great artists such as Josh Duffy, Fernie Andrade, Freddy and Isaiah Negrete, Veto, John Caleb and many more! 4 You can check them out at the Pacific Ink & Art Festival in Hawaii, The Hell City Tattoo Fest in Phoenix and the Melbourne Body Art Expo. or visit the website at 2

Written by 25486278 — July 09, 2013

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