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222Story and photos by johndotcom Iceland... Land of the Midnight Sun... In retrospect, ending a month-long European trip in a place that has 24-hours of sunlight was probably not the best idea I've had. However, despite the lack of sleep and the subsequent fatigue-jetlag-exhuastion-sleep deprivation-sinus cold I've had since returning to the States... I'd say it was well worth it... Before I continue, I just want to thank Össur, Linda, Thomas Asher, Olafia and everyone at Reykjavik Ink for making all the madness possible... Iceland is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been... It's like a Nordic Hawaiian island, with the countryside covered in a rich volcanic crust, laced with mossy greens to contrast the surrounding jagged black rocks... Totally breathtaking. And this is just the ride in from the airport! photo 41 554 I had heard from some of the attending artists (previous to my arrival) that the Iceland show was "different" and "smaller" than any other convention they have worked... So I wasn't really sure what to expect? 050402 I think it is accurate to call this a small show, since there are only 20 tattooers. But it is the BIGGEST "small" convention I've ever been to! The city of Reykjavik is about 150,000 strong, and it is safe to safe that a large chunk of the population makes its way through the doors. I even met some people who traveled in from a smaller island off the coast of Iceland to come to the show... Crazy! guy-ursittihanna-sandstorm-polarhanna-cover-up1 444555 The convention is basically held in a tent, in a parking lot, outside of a bar (Bar 11) in downtown Reykjavik. I know this sounds "strange" but god damn it if it doesn't work, and work well! Carnie-style tattooing (so-to-speak) at its highest level. I saw some great tattoos done all weekend, met some amazing people and everyone was happy with the results of the show. zach-nelliganezra-haidet andy-perezjason-june Össur and Linda (the show creators) are amazing people! They really went above and beyond to make me and the attending artists as comfortable and at home as possible, and there is no way I can even begin to thank them for the opportunity to do this show! If you are ever invited to do this show, don't hesitate, DO IT! austin-maplesdave-woodard-rollo-jamholly-ellis hanna-sandstorm-cover-3hanna-sandstorm-cover-owlhanna-sandstorm-cover-2 If I wasn't still partially sick I would probably have a lot more to say... But all you need to know is; GO TO ICELAND! It's radical... robert-gorlt-3robert-gorlt-2robert-gorlt-1 I had one mission in Iceland, find Bjork! I found her... But next year I'm going to find the real Bjork and we are gonna drink like Vikings and search for gnomes in the volcanic mountains! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="136"]pp5 BJORK![/caption] javier-betancourt-1ritawill-card scott-ellis-1scott-ellis-2scott-ellis-3 FACT: Iceland is Viking for, "Land of the Six-Foot Tall Blonde Girl..." g1 Thank you to all my friends (new and old) that made this experience amazing: Thomas "The Mustache" Asher, Holly "Shirts-off" Ellis, Beaux "All my tattoos are cooler than yours," "Hot Dog" Hanna Sandstorm, Austin "Let's make-out" Maples, Scott "Sorry, I Party" Ellis, Ezra "The Pug Wizard" Haidet, Zach "I don't take my shirt off" Nelligan, Javier "I'll take my shirt off" Betancourt, Guy "Dis' Fuckin' Guy Ova' Here" Ursitti, Dave "Radio Voice" Woodard, Will "I'm from Texas bitch" Card, Jason "Don't harsh my mellow" June, Andy "I don't do that anymore" Perez, Sofia Estrella Olivieri, Robert "The tallest German ever" Gorlt, Rita (pronounced RRRRRRRRita) and everyone from Tattoo Nouveau booth... And of course Linda and Össur, who are the best hostess and host ever! Can't wait for next year... Skål! [caption id="attachment_18751" align="alignnone" width="128"]"cocaine the dude" - Andy Perez #cocainethedude[/caption]

Party Time USA!

01032 333g3p5 pp1pp2pp3111 pp4photo 53 p1 p2 p3 p4 g2 Good night, and good luck... (*mic drop*)

Written by 24471382 — June 24, 2013

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