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By Casey Keener
Among many highlights of the Ink n Iron Show 2013 was an opportunity to meet the newest member of the Timeline Gallery crew and winner of the "Best of Show" award, Yoichi Tanaka.
Yoichi, also known as Hori Yo, is from Fukuoka, Japan and specializes in traditional Japanese style tattooing. I was honored to have the opportunity to go visit him at his new home and photograph the work he won best of show for along with his newest project he's working on now.
His award winning body suit is on Ryo from Japan and the story behind it is quite surprising... Ryo flew over last month from Japan to have Hori Yo tattoo him and he completed all of his work, front and back, in just one month! He was gracious enough to give me an hour before he flew back to Japan that night.
The whole thing was done in 10 sessions running about 4 hours a piece all at the Timeline gallery is San Pedro. Yoichi used two machines, one from Blitz manufacturing and the other from Neo Tat with color from Fusion Ink and the Black and Grey Sumi Ink he mixed himself.
Brian, his newest client from California's, work is being done in the same fashion with the same inks and equipment. While this is obviously a work in progress and includes a cover-up on the upper back between the shoulder blades, he expects the end result to be a full body suit as well.
All of the staff at Timeline are thrilled to have Yoichi aboard and from the quality of work and the "Best of Show" award he just won, I can see why! Adding his talent, quiet demeanor and humbleness I think Yoichi is going to fit right in!
Thanks to Yoichi, Ryo, Brian and the Timeline Gallery Staff for letting me take some time out of their day!

Written by 25486278 — June 21, 2013

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