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[vimeo w=600&h=381] Craft Your Profession - Old Star Press from Josh on Vimeo. My names Josh McHale, I've been doing the videos for Tattoo Artist Magazine since 2007. I created a new series called, Craft Your Profession. It focuses on individuals who create art and make a profession out of it doing it all by themselves. I do the same with the video aspect of it... The first episode focuses on Jim Callans of Old Star Press in Venice, CA. Jim has been working with a lot with tattooers such as skateboard legend/tattooer Eric Dressen, Nathan Kostechko, Jeffery Page, Norm from Will Rise, Jason Bonner, and Boog. Pic1 Pic2 PIc3 Also doing a limited run of posters prints for Tim Armstrong of Rancid. If you have a creative job you do with your hands and would like a video for your website or would just like to be featured in the series, contact me at Contact Old Star Press Jim Callans at:

Written by 24471382 — June 19, 2013

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