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carmichael-1 Interview by Tim Hendricks Tim Hendricks: Do you plan on ever mellowing out with the traveling or do you want to keep going? Lindsey Carmichael: I love it. I have to backtrack a tiny bit and say that I was at Gold Rush when these changes came about in my life, right after I turned 40. I was kind of feeling closed off and slightly alone in my life...  Daniel Albrigo worked in the shop and really early in that whole time he said, “Hey man, this guy at this tattoo promotion place offered us a booth at a convention in Augusta, Georgia. Would you want to go?” I said yes because I wasn’t doing anything else. So Daniel and I went to Augusta and did this convention.


I remember thinking on the plane there that maybe this was the beginning of me going to do some of these things more often. Of course I had done conventions before but there hadn’t been a lot of traveling to do them. The furthest one was maybe Arizona or San Francisco – driving. carmichael-3carmichael-4 To get back to your question, that was when I got started with getting on a plane and going somewhere and doing these things. I don’t have any feeling of slowing down, I still love to do all those things but I’ve been doing it so much lately that I need to take a year where I’m just going to be at the shop and I’m planning on bringing the whole family with me to the London Convention, which you and I have done now for years. I will never miss that one. Miki does a good convention. Yes, he sure does. And I first met him on that trip to Milan – the first one. But I’m going to wait and not go anywhere that involves flying on a plane to a tattoo convention for a year, from now to September next year, and then I’m going to bring the whole family out there with me. carmichael-5carmichael-44 Of course this takes a lot of planning, and a lot of saving but that’s my plan and that will make it a lot easier to undertake another big trip and to have them with me will make it a lot more gratifying. Then one day maybe you and your son can travel together and you’ll re-enter the world of tattoo travel. Yeah, we’ll see! carmichael-55 He’s a great kid. I love him – he’s the best. Lindsey can be found at Gold Rush Tattoo.

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Written by 24471382 — May 17, 2013

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