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roc-0By johndotcom  There are only two things you need to know about the ROC City Tattoo Expo...
  • 1. If you are a tattooer, this show should be on your tat con list!
  • 2. If you are a tattoo enthusiast, this show should be on your tat con list!
Actually, there's more to it than that... But just like me, that's the tall and skinny of it... I cannot begin to thank Jet (Joseph DiProjetto, Love Hate Tattoo), Shane Stevens and the whole ROC Crew for making this experience better every time I come to Rochester...  The line up for this year's show was once again ridiculously awesome! You can quite literally close your eyes, randomly fall into someone's booth and get an amazing tattoo, for realz! (With a Z.) I think this is the true testament to the quality of this show... Quality artists more and more nowadays only wanna do kick-ass shows... It makes perfect sense; because there is (without exaggeration) about three tat cons a week, every weekend, 52 times a year. I've been doing shows for about seven years... and even back then I thought there were a lot. Now the numbers are just unfathomable. This brings me back to my original point, the ROC City Expo is by far one of the best shows year in and year out. I don't do many shows anymore, but I would do this one every year... hands down, end of story. And the main reason is because Jet and his staff run the show like you are his family... And that concept of community gets lost sometimes... So it refreshing to see things flip in the other direction. A big part of this family feel comes from the very fact that Jet's family is also heavily involved in the show, from his wife Andrea, to his son Zane... And now grandson! Congrats Jet and Zane! roc-3 The only hiccup of course was on Friday with the filming of The Amazing Spider-Man II, which Jet had no control over and did an excellent job of re-routing and informing people before hand...  So even the show's only problem wasn't even a problem, except when we got pulled over by horse and yelled at by a hotel employee... ha-ha! But it was Friday, Fridays always have a way of being weird and difficult... roc-4 Some of my favorite people do this show and I am really stoked you all came out and hung out/put up with me all weekend! photo 1 The Doctor is in... However, he is convinced on starting a trend involving me tattooing other tattooers at conventions, himself included. More later on this developing story... For the record, I think this is a terrible idea... Ha-ha! roc-10 Justin Shaw is still the Rap King of the ROC... as if anyone doubted him! roc-9 And thank god for Star Wars Day! Hunter Spanks and I inflicted pain on ourselves in the name of the Force! May The Fourth be with you ALL! Shit got nerdy... (Brynne Palmer, this Mexican Coca-Cola in a glass bottle is for you...) roc-6 Thanks to Cassie Knox for letting me drive her car VERY fast while listening to Young Jeezy! roc-1 Thanks to Allison Attwood for Corndog Holocaust-ing with me... (No picture shown) Extra special thanks to Krooked Ken, Chad "Big Watch" Ramsay, Andrew Conner, Sweet Chuck, Randy, Diego, Dawn Cooke, Ezra and Zach from Triple Crown, Johannes, Chris Quidgeon, Gary Royal, Jenn "Oh Canada" Liles and of course Jet and his awesome crew of people! (If I forgot some people, I'm sorry... But ya know I'm getting old and shit!) photo 2 See you all again next year... Sign up early tattooers... They sell out every year! Cheers! @johndotcom Digital Media Director/Copy Editor Tattoo Artist Magazine P.S. JTG, sorry I missed your call... I'll be seeing ya next week in NYC! IMG_3164

Written by 24471382 — May 10, 2013

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