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TCM has already educated 50,000+ NEW readers/future clients. Support the movement! What others are saying about the TCM Project: [caption id="attachment_15888" align="alignnone" width="232"]Cover art by Jeff Gogué Cover art by Jeff Gogué[/caption] ADRIAN LEE - ANALOG TATTOO, CA Here we stand at the crossroads. At this juncture we need to make a choice. That is, we can choose to either be part of the problem or we can try to contribute to a solution. In my opinion, TCM is a positive step in the right direction and therefore I feel this magazine is a project worth fostering. Undertakings such as this one require direct support from the community it represents. If we don't throw our support behind things of this nature then it begs the question, what kind of community are we? Subscribe and contribute. JOJO ACKERMANN - ETERNAL ART TATTOO, CA There have always been strong opinions among passionate tattooers, and the one thing I have always found in common among us was a constant struggle to separate ourselves publicly from the riffraff in the business. Tattoo Culture Magazine is here to give us an outlet to allow this opportunity to become more available to ourselves and the collectors (whether they are heavily tattooed or first timers). I am excited to contribute my thoughts and ideas to this and I hope everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to check it out and get involved. All differences aside we must pull together for tattooing as a whole! Do you have something to say? Here's your chance! RUSS ABBOTT - INK & DAGGER TATTOO, GA Tattoo Culture Magazine promises to be a treasured resource for tattoo fans and artists alike. Relying heavily on volunteer content submissions and "think tank" discussions among an ever-expanding cross-section of tattoo artists, musicians, and creatives of all types, TCM hopes to create an ongoing chronicle of the styles, views, and philosophies that weave together throughout the world to create the "tattoo culture". MYKE CHAMBERS - FREAKS & GEEKS, NC I knew this was coming from the awesome people behind Tattoo Artist Magazine and a collective think tank of amazing tattooers and collectors from around the world, so I knew it was going to be good. This issue, of course, has artist interviews with some of my favorite tattooers, looking into their lives and thinking. But this mag isn't just about the's about all of us. The tattooer/artist, the serious collector or the novice. Really it's for anyone that just wants a look inside real tattoo culture and most of all...positive thinking and ideas for practical action. DURB MORRISON - HELL CITY, OH Tattoo Culture Magazine is definitely a magazine for today's tattoo culture presenting a modern view of some of the best tattooing happening today. For more info visit: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW

Written by 24471382 — May 03, 2013

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