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Psychedelic s for webBy Paul Dobleman:  Here is the Psychedelic Stories winner for March, thanks to everyone who participated...  Billy was our winner. He wrote:
Hi Paul, my name is Billy, the last time I took acid I was at a party in Berkeley... I was about 18 and there was a group of us and we had been trying to find E but our friend came back and said all I found was some Liquid Acid, we all took a handful of drops and so it began. As it started to kick in we realized we needed to leave the party. It was pouring rain outside. We managed to round-up everyone, about five of us. My friend's car was an old Civic hatchback and it didn't have a back window because it had been broken out, as we piled in the car my friend Holly came running up frantic, she yelled, "We took that same acid with these guys we were on dates with and they've never done it, they can't even figure out how to get in their car! Help us!" I ran back over to help get the other girl, and saw the guys flailing around in the rain. The acid was coming on strong and I knew I needed to get to a better place. The guys were like wanna be gangsters or something, the term "wigger" wasn't developed yet. They yelled, "Where you trying to take our bitches?! Yo Dog, seriously!" Since I was in a hurry I just stopped and said very calm but loud, "You took too much acid, you're going to die!" They looked scared, I felt a little bad, I was a veteran and I just fucked their trip, but don't call my friends bitches. So now there is seven of us in a broken window hatchback in the pouring rain. Where do we go? Turns out we really had nowhere to go, the girls were in high school. My friends lived at home and I lived in a halfway house. We went to Denny's, our only dry refuge. We spent hours throwing fries, spilling orange juice, laughing, sometimes being scared... In and out of delusions... Won some stuff animals out of the claw game... All and all it was okay, better than the party and the girls had fun, the drive to Denny's was a little crazy, but you try driving on acid... It didn't wear off 'til the next afternoon. Acid is such a big commitment and you feel like shit the next day. That was the last time I had ever taken it. Before that I had done maybe over 500 hits total, those stories are for a different time. Hope you get to really read this Paul... -Billy
peace Congratulations Billy, you are an acid tripper! Billy just wanted the small Peace symbol... He asked if he could do it himself, so I let him! Ha-ha, not bad, he even added a few dots. PS for adpaul-dobleman-1 Send Psychedelic Stories to: Paul Anthony Dobleman Spider Murphy's Tattoo

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Written by 24471382 — April 18, 2013

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