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By Dawn Cooke So I screen-shotted some of my favorite pictures from Intagram to share. My intention is to share some great work and give the artists every bit of the credit! I'm doing it to showcase what I consider to be some really great work. I hope you will all agree. One thing I want to make clear is that I am not trying to promote the idea of "stealing." All artists are inspired by other artists. There's a difference between being inspired and flat-out stealing. I think it's important to know the difference. Most images in tattooing have been taken from other sources. It's always good to know the source if you can, and try to be inspired by art outside of tattooing... and also by life and nature... I try to look at images I like then put them away and try to draw the idea myself so that it comes from my hand and my own minds-eye. However there's no doubt that I am inspired by all my peers and that is nothing to be ashamed of. It's not fair for any of us artists to say we aren't inspired at least a little bit by one-another. So the purpose of this blog is to say thanks for being great and helping me to be better! 1. Stefan Johnsson... stefanjohnson I love this "boat hat" lady. All the details of this image are put together very well. Application is also very good! 2. Krooked Ken... krookedken I swear this guy is my favorite tattoo artist because his tattoos just look like a tattoo should look. Without any bells and whistles they are still great! 3. Xam... xam Flawless application and beautiful designs always. 4. Professor Falcon... proffalcon A bit of rawness that is appealing and really great ideas come from this guy. 5. Tim Beck... timbeck I like all his tattoos because his work is clean and consistently good. 6. Justin Shaw... justinshaw This design and application are super... Look how pissed off this gorilla is! 7. Heather Bailey... heatherbailey Her work is great obviously but the flames on this torch are the best! 8. Ron Wells... hyena Ron is a good technician but his designs are very unique and a little weird in all the right ways. 9. Frank Carter... frankcarter I do not know this fella at all but pretty much everything I see him do has a clever variation to it. I like his use of color also. 10. Miss Arianna... missarianna She is also so clever with her designs. Her application always looks solid. I really like her approach. 11. Mark Cross... markcross I really enjoy the simplicity of his work. 12. Jackie Dunn-Smith... jackiesmith This lady is one of my favorites because there's so much charm to her work. 13. Rose Hardy... rosehardy I feel like everyone might know her already, but her work is really solid and this image I really like because it's just so creepy, weird and really well designed. 14. Josh Stephens... joshstephens This guy's work is really inspiring. He always seems to have a different take on traditional themes. And it works really well in this design. 15. Julio Avila... julioavila In case you don't know this guy he's been tattooing for a long while. His work reminds me of neo-traditional 90's style. He's keeping it real. I like that. If you don't know these artists look them up on Instagram! These are only a few of the artists I am inspired by. There are many more! To these artists, thanks a lot for your contributions to tattooing, and thanks for sharing and being an inspiration! I hope I also inspire others. Oh, and I hope you're not mad that I am sharing your pictures, sorry in advance if you are, I just wanted to say thanks and share your work to give you props.

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Written by 24471382 — January 21, 2013

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