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[caption id="attachment_15888" align="aligncenter" width="457"]Cover art by Jeff Gogué Cover art by Jeff Gogué[/caption] Hi. Tattoo Culture Magazine is almost here! We're down to the last few weeks before launching the first EVER tattoo magazine created by tattooers for the public! After two years of planning and six months of intensive research, we have created an effective vehicle for REAL tattooers to reach and dialog directly with the masses. The implications are huge! As a result we will discover that TOGETHER we can do what tv and the internet never will- TEACH people how to recognize and get good tattoos, from good artists! HERE ARE SOME EARLY REVIEWS: "...I'm really excited about this-actually a worthwhile product coming out of the industry..." - Nick Baxter "Thanks for including me in this project, I am really excited to see where it goes..." - Sean Herman "I'd love to write for that" - Dawn Cooke "...positive thinking and ideas for practical action!" - Myke Chambers "Tattoo Culture isn't just great, it's desperately needed for our industry." - Craig Driscoll "Looks great!" -Mike Rubendall "I've been tattooing for over 15 years. I've never seen a magazine with this much quality tattoo information" - Bryan Foster "Another great magazine from Crash. Very informational and supportive of our craft." - Johnny Jackson tcm-2 We've gathered some of the top tattooers in our community to help us with the TCM Project. Our collective objectives are to Educate, Entertain and Inspire tattoo fans worldwide by introducing them to the very best artists in the world, and by providing them with articles, columns and features created by REAL tattoo artists. And we need your voice. Right now we need 50 more TATTOO ARTIST FRIENDS to preview the magazine, agree to give us a written review of the project that we can use in the campaign, and help us promote the TCM project over email and your social media platforms for the next few weeks. tcm-1 If you're interested in seeing what just a few tattooers (so far) have built together, and you're willing to help us spread the word, then we'd like to invite YOU to be one of the first to see TCM and help us with this mission. What we're looking for from our friends are written reviews we cam use for promo purposes, (as shown above). of both the magazine issue and also the Tattoo Culture Magazine mission itself- Pros educating the masses! tcm-3 Please ask your friends and followers to post and share our 'slides' on FB and IG every few days... more will be available soon, and we'd also LOVE to have more slogan suggestions from friends for a future slide. tcm-4 Share these TCM slides (above) on your Facebook ( and Instagram tagging @tattooculturemagazine. Please e-mail: to request a review. FINALLY we have the opportunity, as a community, to speak to the public on our own terms. If this vision resonates with you, we need your help and we need your voice. JOIN THE MOVEMENT! As always, thank you for your support. -Crash, Kent, Nicki, John and the TCM Team Please help support our new project by following TCM:

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Written by 24471382 — January 10, 2013

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