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By Victor Farinelli  A long time ago in, in a galaxy far, far away... a girl needed lithium. Sarah Miller needs some serious medication. One minute, she is bouncing off the walls she is so excited, the next she is about to kill herself. She displayed this so well in this episode: The Star Wars challenge... She flipped the fuck out when they were announcing the flash challenge, in which they had to demonstrate their ability to use contrast, by painting a clone commando helmet. Clint and Sarah, the Star Wars nerds, did well on this challenge. Clint came out on top and Sarah whined like a three-year-old. (The two sides of Sarah Miller) For the elimination challenge, they had to do a Star Wars tattoo. But before I get into the tattoos, I want to talk about tattoo artists and tattoos. I think it is kind of odd when a tattooist does not have many tattoos - Sarah and Jamie for example. Jamie even stated that he has one tattoo in his bio, and it’s a black light tattoo. I have only seen a couple on Sarah. I start to wonder why they got into tattooing in the first place. Is it to be rich and famous? I really don’t see any of them getting famous unless they get their own show after this. Should tattoo artists with very few tattoos themselves be taken seriously? Would you trust a toothless dentist? Tattooing has a rich tradition and it bothers me to think that some of these contestants just think it is just another art medium. I believe it is more than just art. It is a craft, like watchmaking or tailoring. I wonder if they have made needles or built machines? But hey, I’m just a dude sitting in my underwear behind a computer. What do I know? Back to the show. So in the “lifestyle/human interest” part of the show, Kay Kutta told Tatu Baby that she was just a step above a street style. What?! Kay Kutta? Er, isn’t that a dude with a glass head throwing rocks? Oh, yeah I forgot, “He’s just keeping it gangsta.” In the end, however, Kay was forced fed a little humble pie. His Star Wars tattoo was a used space tampon. It was just too fucked up to even talk about. Sebastian Murphy’s tattoo was not much better. I like Murphy too. He seems like a pretty humble dude. Unfortunately, his tattoo was just a dark blob that is going to look horrid in a few years. Mark Matthews also pissed in the wind. The lines and color are splotchy and flat. (By Sebastian Murphy) The bottom two went to Kay and Mark Matthews. I think Sebastian’s was worse than Mark’s but not by much. Alas, Kay Kutta was finally sent home. (Left to Right: Kay Kutta, Mark Murphy) The top two were Sarah Miller and Tatu Baby. Both tattoos were great. But Tatu Baby’s was definitely the clear winner. Good job Katherine (that is her real name and it sounds better than Tatu Baby)! You are definitely coming into your own. Poor Sarah Miller. Foiled again. (Left to right: Sarah Miller and  Katherine “Tatu Baby” Flores) Well, not a long one this week. Short and sweet... [Editor's note: May the force be with you Victor...] Victor is a blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine and can be found at:

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Written by 24471382 — November 20, 2012

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