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By Dave Waugh Wow. I went digging through a box of old papers and drawings and found something long forgotten... Back in the olden days, before the interweb and whatnot, some of the best forms of spreading some word about what you do and showing off artwork was by making flyers. Easily copied with a Xerox machine they made for good collectibles too. image image image Tatblasters image image image 10% discount! What a deal… Dave Waugh is a tattooer, soon to be reality TV star and blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine. Dave can be found at Jinx Proof Tattoo in Washington D.C. and his blog Related Tam Blog Articles: [youtube](Disclaimer: Hey kids, Dave Waugh is a professional tattoo artist. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Each tattoo was done with a brand new sterile needle and new ink...etc.)

Written by 24471382 — November 14, 2012

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