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By Victor Farinelli  Before I get started on the recap, I want to rattle some cages. There is some gab on the inter-webs about the contestants on Ink Master “stealing” tattoos from other artists. Don’t know if it is true or not, but some interesting tidbit came to my awareness that is kinda funny. Not funny: "ha-ha," I mean funny "hmmmm." On Episode IV, Trey “Big Daddy” Benham did a piston with flames on his client’s arm for the new school challenge. It was a decent tattoo, one of the better ones I have seen of that kind of idea. Well, buzz-buzz, the inter-webs start throwing around the suggestion that this was actually taken, almost exactly, from a tattoo that was done by one of last year's contestants, Jeremy Miller. So like the old “You Make the Call” segment on Monday Night Football... well, yeah; you make the call...  (Left: Tattoo done in Episode Four by Trey Benham. Right: Tattoo done by Jeremy Miller.) Now, hold that thought. I will tie this all up in a neat little package for Christmas and save you from the Krampus in a minute, so bear with me. Episode V was the Halloween episode: The scaaaaaaaaarrrrrry challenge. Fuckin’ boo. In the flash challenge, the producers schlepped the gang down to Coney Island to do mouth tattoos. Meh. The winner of this challenge was none other than Angry Mohawk Guy [AMG] - Clint (I pay a shitload of cash on hair product) Cummings. He got to pick the “canvases” for himself and the other contestants for the elimination challenge. During the human interest part of the show you have your standard boilerplate bickering and conniving. That’s a given on a reality show. Wrestlers are better at it. AMG and Steve (Do these bangs make me look fat?) Tefft decided to form an alliance, like Survivor... So they are in cahoots with each other to get the other contestants. Sort of like children on a playground. In the elimination challenge, the contestants had to do a scary tattoo. That shouldn’t be too hard. Most of the tattoos I have seen so far are pretty scary. I thought Steve would do well in this challenge since he seems to be a follower of Paul Booth. He and Jamie did the best tattoos that I have seen all season. They were definitely above average. (Jamie’s Elimination Challenge Tattoo) (Steve’s Elimination Challenge tattoo) The bottom three this week were Mark “MMA” Matthews, Kay “Ima predata’ bitches” Kutta, and... wait for it... Trey “Big Daddy” Benhem. Who knew? SEE I TOLD YOU I TIE THAT SHIT UP! BOOM! THE KRAMPUS IS COMING FOR YOU! Wait? What? Sorry I got lost there for a moment and got Christmas confused with Halloween. They could be the same thing if you really think about it. You see, the Halloween, like Christmas, started off as an annual pagan festival that... well... never mind. During the judges’ deliberations, Trey had a medical issue and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, so he was not able to be there. Oh gosh golly! Mark and Kay’s tattoos were clearly worse than the one Trey did. I mean they are fucking horrible!!! The tattoos look like they were beaten with a fuckstick and left for dead. They were scary, but not in a good way. (Left to right: Kay’s and Mark’s Elimination Challenge tattoo) But who got the axe this week? You guessed it: Trey. My theory is this: In between the taping of episode IV and V, which were taped months ago, the producers discovered that Trey may have stolen the idea for the tattoo he did on episode IV from another artist. I say “may” because Trey could have come up with this idea himself. It could be just a coincidence that they look almost the same. Again, this is me thinking outside the box: maybe the producers let him take the high road and get out of the show on a “medical issue.” It’s just another coincidence that the inter-webs came alive these past few weeks with allegations that contestants on the show are “stealing” tattoos from other artists. (Trey’s Elimination Challenge tattoo) This is becoming more and more like Professional Wrestling every week! I can’t wait until The Road Warriors come out of retirement (well more like back from the dead for Hawk) to take on the High Flyers; Greg Gagne and Jumping Jim Brunzel! I’m as giddy as a schoolboy looking at his first Hustler! Victor is a blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine and can be found at:

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Written by 24471382 — November 06, 2012

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