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The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum aims to be the home for the art and history of worldwide skin culture. Located in two 19th-century villas, it houses an extensive permanent exhibition about the tattooing of yesterday, today and tomorrow in all its aspects and forms. Check out the museum's upcoming book releases and catalog here:      

108 Japanese Tattoo Sleeve Designs by Yushi 'Horikichi' Takei Garyou Tensei: a drawing of a dragon comes alive with a dot in the eye. This book contains a series of 108 hand-painted, traditional Japanese kaina, Japanese short-sleeve tattoo designs applied to the upper left and right arms. All of the designs in this volume are by the young tattoo artist Yushi ‘Horikichi’ Takei isbn: 9789491394072 hardcover, linnen with dust jacket 120 pages/ 26 x 37,5 cm €125,00/$150.00 available November 2012 The Mingins Photo Collection 1288 Pictures of Early Western Tattooing from the Henk Schiffmacher Collection. Rich Mingins (1916-1968) is considered to be one of the biggest tattoo-artists of all time. Not much is known about this enigmatic artist. He was a quiet man, smoking all the time while working in a small room in the back of his house at 59 Redfern Road, Harleston, in London, while his wife busied herself in the kitchen. Mingins work was extremely popular at his time. His artistic work and custom designs were of high quality, and really stood apart from work of other tattooists. isbn: 9789491394010 hardcover 320 pages/ 22 x 32,5 cm €69,50/$89.00 Tattoos of the Floating World Ukiyo-e Motifs in the Japanese Tattoo by Takahiro Kitamura This unique book by tattoo artist Takahiro Kitamura discusses the art of the Japanese tattoo in the context of Ukiyo-e, concentrating on the parallel histories of the woodblock print and the tattoo. Through high quality illustrations it shows that the Japanese tattoo is highly reliant on and linked to the woodblock print, and that it deserves a position among the other art forms. With special focus on tattoo artist Horiyoshi III and an essay by Don Ed Hardy. isbn: 9789074822459 paperback 120 pages/ 22 x 28 cm €39,50/$49.95 Click HERE to read the catalogue online. KIT Publishers Mauritskade 63 1092 AD Amsterdam 31 (0) 20 568 8272 Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Plantage Middenlaan 62 1018 DH Amsterdam 31 (0) 20 700 9320 How to order ATM Publishing is an imprint of KIT Publishers. - For review copies: phone 31 (0) 568 8272 or mail: A new series of publications dealing with major themes in tattoo art, handpicked from the Schiffmacher Collection: True Love Tattoo's last longer than romances... Mother The sweetest girl I've ever kissed was another man's wife... my mother. Good Luck Good Luck tattoos are frequently worn by those who really need them... Anchor The anchor helps us to weather the storms of life... Hardcover 128 or 160 pages/ 15,5 x 15,5 cm €15/$20 More information about the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum can also be found on Related TAM Blog Articles: Adventures in Amsterdam (Part I) Adventures in Amsterdam (Part II) Taki and Molly Kitamura: Amsterdam Adventure JTG: On the Road in Amsterdam and Beyond

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