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By johndotcom We hit the ground running yesterday and before I even knew what was happening I was staring at some of the most amazing pieces of classical art in the world! Danny [Dringenberg] knows more about Amsterdam than most Dutch people... It blows my mind! Dan said, "You wanna go see the Rembrandts, bro?" I didn't even know they were here... So let's go to the Rijks Museum and check it out... [Part I] I was impressed with Rijks and I would suggest checking it out when you come to Amsterdam... There are other museums here, weird... But the Tattoo Museum is the coolest! Ha-ha! After the Rijks we went back to the Tattican to meet Hanky Panky and his wife Louise and the rest of the ATM family for dinner. I was able to take some more pictures while I was waiting and I was just shocked at how much stuff I had not seen from the previous day. I probably took about 300 pictures yesterday... You can check out this slideshow to see more pictures from the Tattoo Museum... [slideshow] We all had a really fun and tasty meal at a Chinese spot (Happy Corner) down the street from the museum. Everyone was in attendance including Henk's dogs! Apparently in Amsterdam it is commonplace to bring your dog(s) with you everywhere! Even a 100 pound white German Shepard...
Some of us drank and walked around the city, window shopping in the Red Light District... It's so surreal. I never want to leave...Tips for Amsterdam:
  • Be prepared to walk everywhere
  • Bring a raincoat
  • Red Lights good... Blue Lights bad!

Adventures in Amsterdam (Part I)

Written by 24471382 — October 04, 2012

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