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TAM is proud to formally announce that Nicki Kasper is the new Project Manager at Tattoo Artist Magazine! I'm always humbled by the people who have an expanded capacity to care and give selflessly to others. That is a rare quality in modern society, I'm sure you'll agree. Nicki's passion is helping others bring their projects to life and for more than a year she has given herself to the TAM project, asking (literally) nothing in return. No mere "booth-girl," she is the owner of three successful companies of her own, has managed numerous gallery events, book projects, private wine labels, (and innumerable other projects), for some of the most respected tattooers in our community, and is now head of the New Project Division of TAM. I know she wouldn't want me to mention these things, but I believe it's important for the community to really know who she is and what she's capable of. We're proud to have her on the team... I offer just one further example: As a volunteer, (mind you), Nicki has worked countless conventions for TAM, handling the inventory, set up, sales, PR, shipping, etc…sometimes even covering her own travel and hotel expenses, just to make sure TAM has a presence at certain events. She's gotten us into conventions, set up interviews, found advertisers, smoothed ruffled feathers, and has also been a strong, creative voice in our internal discussions on the future of Tattoo Artist Magazine and its many side projects. There is nothing this woman can't do! New things are coming! Thanks for everything, Nicki. (Now kick some ass!) -Crash & Kent Read more from Nicki:

The Southern Oregon Custom Classic (This Friday)

Nicki Kasper: On The Road in Napoli, Italy (VIDEO)

Written by 24471382 — September 10, 2012

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