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By John  As many of you know, we started this little TAM Blog less than two years ago after I "convinced" Crash and Kent to hire me full-time to spearhead the digital media nerd moment that is sweeping the world-over... So, I am happy to announce that this week the TAM Blog has surpassed the 1 million page view mark already! This amazing accomplishment is greatly due to all of our contributors, writers, followers and sponsors that have helped us grow and build a digital space for tattooers and enthusiasts to share stories, ideas and events, not just with the tattoo community, but the entire globe...  There are a few projects and events I am especially proud to have been a part of through the TAM Blog. I would like to commend all those contributors and supporters of the Japanese Relief fund articles that we shared with you awhile back, especially Dave Allen, Crystal Morey, Bill Stevenson, Taki from State of Grace, Jeff Gogué, Shige, Uncle Allan, Mike Godfrey, just to name a few people who really stepped up, helped get the word out, and raised some significant funds for those affected by the devastation in Japan. A more recent project that I am proud to have worked on was the True South: Jordan Teear Relief Fundraiser. Organizations like True South are so vital to our community and especially within niche groups of artists and musicians. I just want to personally thank all those involved with the project and for making it a success, and thanks to Aaron Finnin for answering my texts and getting me all the necessary information during the whole chaotic ordeal of having a friend in hospital... Thanks Tex! K.I.P. .:2.2.2:. Please support True South! Okay, now that I have bored you all to death with seriousness, I have to say, I really enjoy doing what I do, and I am honored and humbled to be able to contribute and give back to this amazing community that has taken care of me over the years. I know that without all of you this would not be nearly as much fun... or possible at all for that matter. So from all of us at TAM, we would like to say, THANKS A MILLION! And don't worry... you have at least a million more page views before you'll hear from me again... ha-ha! Cheers! John Digital Media Director/Copy Editor Tattoo Artist Magazine

Written by 24471382 — September 07, 2012

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