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Coastline Tattoo is involved in a co-owned gallery space called Helltown Workshop, also in Provincetown at 237 Commercial street inside Whaler's Wharf. Kris Smith, the owner of Coastline, works with four other local artists to bring art from the community that doesn't necessarily get shown in the other more traditional galleries that line the main strip...  As Provincetown is one of the oldest artists colonies in the states they offer a venue for artwork that spans a multitude of mediums and styles that are reflective and complimentary to subculture art-street art, tattoo art, outsider art, etc. The artists from Coastline Tattoo often curate shows that feature their traditional styles as well as styles that have developed outside of their tattooing work. Coastline believes that a sense of community is not just belonging to a community, or owning a business in a community, but also giving back to the community. More often than not tattooing is overlooked as an art form by mainstream media, even though the artists as Coastline are versed in a host of mediums; watercolors, sculpture, illustration, graphic design, to name a few. Kris is hoping to get a silk-screening class in the works in an effort to expose the youth of the Outer Cape to a form of DIY, hands-on art. Thus providing a skill set that can potentially be used to generate a source of income for the kids further down the road,coupling art and commerce in a fun environment. The workshops would focus specifically on youth that are becoming displaced from the Provincetown community due to the high cost of living in a tourist centric town. Most recently, Provincetown is closing down its only school and next school year the children have to be bussed an hour away to attend a public school outside of their local community. The grant comes in to be able to fund these classes as well as bring in other artists to widen the breadth of art the kids can learn about and learn to do. Additionally, the classes would be offered year-round, not just in high season. Giving back to the community provides a platform for these kids to explore and discover their artistic abilities and these classes will ensure they have this opportunity despite the increasing costs due to tourism. This also exposes them to different forms of art, silk-screening enabling them to cultivate their own ideas and share them by printing that design on a variety of fabrics. That is pretty much the gist of applying for the grant. For more info please visit:

Written by 24471382 — July 31, 2012

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