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The Path Of Resistance Another way of explaining this practice is through the concept of physical resistance. All weight training, bodybuilding, and other fitness modalities are built upon this one inescapable law of physics. For example, a person’s muscles may reach failure and soreness after their first attempt at lifting a designated amount of weight. After the proper sequences of rest and further attempts are followed, the 20th attempt at lifting this same amount of weight may feel effortless, and the weight must then be increased so that the muscles can be challenged to grow stronger once more. In essence, if you undertake some type of challenge enough times in a controlled manner, the task will eventually become easier. Apply the weight resistance metaphor to anything difficult you’ve worked on in your life, and you’ll quickly see a correlation...  More than just a metaphor, physical training of any variety is an immediately accessible, concrete way to engage in a self-challenge practice, for those able or inclined. Moreover, there’s a degree of mental challenge incorporated into all physical challenge, which makes those types of activities doubly beneficial. Of course, not everyone is inclined towards physical or athletic pursuits, but what seems to be so overlooked in our modern convenience-based lifestyle is that we can challenge our minds in the same structured and intentional manner as a bodybuilder or athlete, in order to make them stronger and more adept at meeting the challenges of living. The bottom line is that learning occurs in both the body and the mind, simultaneously or separately. Not to mention, learning also occurs in animals, plants and all forms of life as a matter of survival and beyond that, surthrival. Learning via resistance is quite simply a primal, universal force that drives all life, and we can tap into it as much as we’d like. [caption id="attachment_12440" align="alignnone" width="300"] Just kidding. You get the idea, though.[/caption] (Nick can be found here:

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Written by 24471382 — July 24, 2012

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