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Here is just one extraordinary example of our collective creative potential when it's put into motion! This is Marcus' contribution to our community. If you really 'get it' and want to help Marcus make more or spread the word, link The Gypsy Gentleman to your own site and blog.  These episodes will only get better as Marcus and his crew gain experience and a decent budget. Enjoy! -Crash
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[More information on expanded page] The fourth in a series of films chronicling the travels of the gypsy gentleman. A travel documentary profiling the world’s greatest tattooers and the world’s most fascinating places.

Bill Canales

My name is Bill Canales and I was born in Couhuila, México. My biological mother passed away when I was two years old. After I was adopted, I lived with my new family in El Paso, Texas. My tattoo career started at Renegade Tattooing in 1992. Years later, after I moved to Europe, my tattoo career reached a turning point. What I found there moved my work toward the direction of my current style, which is mainly based in Asian techniques. When I decided to come back to the United States, I moved to San Diego, California and started working at Avalon Tattoo, a staple of the San Diego tattooing community. In 2008, I opened Full Circle with the help of my beautiful wife, Becky, and two amazing kids, Maya and Mateo. I hope to give back to the craft that has given me so much in my life. Thank you Marcus for this amazing opportunity to be a part of something great!

Rob Benavides

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I learned to tattoo in Chicago, Illinois under the master tutelage of the infamous Fat Joe Scapin. I relocated to Southern California in 1996. I now own and operate the world famous Flying Panther Tattoo studio in sunny San Diego, CA. I specialize in classic style western tattooing and raising a family of five. My aim is to preserve and perpetuate classic tattoo technique, culture and style. I am very proud of what we have achieved on just a belief in something real, and how we used our determination and our time and our voice to affect human change. Please go to and support us. Your friend, --Marcus Kuhn Send PayPal Donations by cut and pasting this link: (Marcus Kuhn is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #22)

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