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Courtesy of Dos Changos Locos Tattoo: Dean Dennis is very sick with a brain tumor. We have set up an account to help him with his medical costs. Please hit the donate button and give what you can. The funds will go to Dean and his family to help with his medical costs. A little about Dean: At a young age Dean Dennis was introduced to Lyle Tuttle, who at the time was his uncle. After making a trip into San Francisco he would make the decision to make San Francisco his home. In 1971 he started working at Lyle Tuttle's Tattoo Shop on 7th Street in San Francisco. It was here that he would start his journey into the tattoo industry. With Lyle as his mentor combined with natural mechanical skills and artistic talent his career as a tattooer started off quite quickly. During Dean's beginning as a tattooer, Lyle had just tattooed Janis Joplin as well as some other well-known musicians and celebrities. This brought lots of attention upon the tattoo shop along with lots of clients eager to be tattooed. This would give Dean the perfect opportunity to become an amazing, and well-known tattoo artist. During the time Dean worked at Lyle's he worked with many tattooers known around the world today with equal acclaim. Also it was among this period of time that Dean would start to establish relationships with other tattooers worldwide. While traveling coast-to-coast with Asia Lee Crow III, from Texas, Dean met with many artists like Paul Rogers, Cliff Raven, Tommy de Vita, Huck Spaulding, Bob Shaw, Col. Todd and became great friends with them trading knowledge, stories and industry protected information. [caption id="attachment_11653" align="alignnone" width="300"] Left to right James Hanna, Dean Dennis, and Scotchie Chapman in front of Dean’s Tattoo Headquarters.[/caption] In 1974 after gaining the proper publicity and industry knowledge Dean decided to venture off and opened Dean's Tattoo Headquarters in Alameda, just across the bay bridge and right down the street from the Alameda Naval Air Station. Dean's Tattoo Headquarters produced many tattoo artists and tons of great art. Unfortunately in 1978 due to a change in building ownership Dean's Tattoo Headquarters was forced to move. It was at this time Dean decided to make the move back to San Francisco. After scouting San Francisco Dean found an old butcher shop on the Broadway strip. He remodeled and converted the building into the world-famous Barbary Coast. This would be a tattoo shop that housed, produced and trained some of the best names in tattooing. It was here where names like Gregg Irons, Bill Salmon, Chuck Eldridge, Leo Zulueta, Terry Tweed, Frankie Fromano and others would get their start and gain the knowledge to tattoo and do many other things industry related that dean had safeguarded over the years. [caption id="attachment_11654" align="alignnone" width="300"] Dean Dennis with left to right James Hanna, Dean Dennis, Mario Cordova, Scotchie Chapman. and his son Notty Scotty.[/caption] In 1984 Dean decided as a responsible and conscious decision to raise a family with his lovely wife. After making this decision he went and talked with his close friend Henry Goldfield and handed the shop over to Henry, knowing that Henry was the best man for the job. At this time Dean left tattooing for a greater call but did not lose touch with tattooing and maintained a very rewarding friendship with Henry. In 2005 after an abrupt bankruptcy by the printing company Dean was working for, he found himself back at the steps of the famous Goldfield's Tattoo shop. Still in the same place it was 20 years prior Dean sat down and talked with his good friend Henry Goldfield. With much excitement and appreciation it was here that Dean made the decision to step back into the tattoo world exactly at the same place he left it 20 years before. This is a link to Dean’s new place. I met Dean Dennis in 2006. We had a tattoo convention in Modesto California and he and Henry Goldfield came to the convention. Dean had family here in Modesto and I was raised here in Modesto as well. We had both left the tattooing scene and went to work at a blue-collar job for a while. We had both gotten back into the tattoo scene and we got to visit from time to time when he would come into town or when we could make it out to the bay or meet up at a convention. He is very funny guy and he loves to tattoo. We have stayed in touch over the years and it is with a heavy heart that I have to write this. I consider him to be a good friend and I am thankful that we got to know Dean. We are hoping for a quick recovery. So anything that you can donate to help out with his medical would be a great relief to Dean and his family. Thank you for your help. If you have any questions please call us here at the studio and we will try to answer all that we can. We will update the information on here as things progress. For more info visit:

Written by 24471382 — June 19, 2012

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