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By Aubrey Trufant First and foremost, I would love to thank Daniele “Ceyen” Hoang of Psycho Tattoo for extending the invitation and giving my brother Alex and myself an opportunity to come tattoo and explore Roma, Italia together. I would also like to extend great thanks to Francesco Giamblanco for his exceptional tour guide work and for his undying patience and love as a co-host. The welcome was warm and easy, as they were eager to keep us entertained, busy tattooing and fed! It seemed to come all so effortlessly, their actions spoke in volumes and resonated throughout the duration of our trip and experience with them. We appreciate you!  An international friendship was born through Facebook, it is good for something other than creeping, ha-ha! My brother Alex initiated contact with Daniele Ceyen about attending our Invitational Tattoo Convention here in West Texas and things took off from there. An opportunity to be apart of the book project “Hand Tattoos” put out by SURITH PRESS and it affiliates Nello Rossini and Luca Mamone. The book's content hosts an impressive collection of hand and palm tattoos, painted and illustrated. It was shortly after participating in this project that we received an invitation from Daniele Ceyen to come visit and make tattoos in Rome and be apart of the Roma Convention. The Tattoo Convention in Rome was the largest, busiest tattoo convention I personally have ever experienced. There were two separate buildings, full of tattooers, enthusiasts, consumers, etc. The people of Rome definitely came to get tattooed! It really felt like there were two conventions happening at once. All three days were pretty busy, saturday being the most hectic. The show had an abundance of everything, live music, food, beer and a tasteful burlesque show. There was no shortage of good tattooers or eager customers to get tattooed by the hands of Low Rider Tattoo, Skull and Sword, Spider Murphy’s, Everlasting Tattoo, Ink Addiction, Immaculate Tattoo, Frith St., Psycho Tattoo, The Family Business, Battle Royale Tattoo, and of course Trufant Bros. Tattoo ha-ha. Halfway through my second tattoo on Friday the guy I was tattooing tells me he’s a professional soccer player! I enjoy soccer, so I was pretty stoked on that. It was a humbling experience, and special to be apart of this event for me, definitely a milestone. Our down time was spent enjoying the must see sights of Rome and gift shopping to include: The Coliseum, The Pantheon, That sweet fountain place and the Vatican city being the most impressive! In general, Rome is decorated with beautiful hand crafted sculpture. So, every few feet Alex and I were taking pictures, Daniele and Francesco were laughing hysterically at our eagerness to capture another picture of “that’s just another church you two!” We noshed on mad pizza, various pastas, anti-pastas, breads cheeses and meats. Italians love meats and carbs, beer and red was a mystery to me how many of these people stay so thin. I asked, and the reply by many was the same, “ THE STRESS!” laughs! Don’t try and “ADD” ingredients to any dishes, especially pizza! They just won’t do it, and they will tell you this while smiling. I know, I tried ha! It’s all about flavor for them, and the tradition of how these special italian dishes were made, each unique to their origin. We stayed a few extra days to work and to spend time with our hosts, and now close friends at Psycho Tattoo. They are all so talented and fun to be around. The shop was really nice and dressed out with antiques and many original hand painted flash sheets. The ambiance was classy and nostalgic, and the clients were so nice. The people of Rome really appreciate the idea of getting good tattoos by good tattooers, they are a patient breed. Something we all should try and reflect... A little more patience. Rome was beautiful, the convention was great, we made some good friends and had some good times. I look forward to the next go round! Please check out Daniele Ceyen and Nello Rossini on Facebook, those guys are awesome! (Aubrey Trufant is a tattooer and contributing blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine. Aubrey can be found at Trufant Bros. Tattoo in San Angelo, TX.)

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Written by 24471382 — June 18, 2012

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