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Courtesy of Redemption Tattoo: My name is Juan Muniz and I am co-owner and manager of Redemption Tattoo Family and Gallery in Las Vegas. We are a new shop in town with an amazing group of artists. Most of us came from Vince Neil's tattoo shop on the strip that just recently closed. Our focus in on tattoos, painting and giving back to the community through art. We are currently working with the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, AFAN, Boys and Girls Club of Las Vegas and St. Jude Children's Hospital...  For our Grand Opening we actually did free palm size tattoos of whatever the people wanted from 10 a.m. - 3 a.m. We are running a monthly contest where every month we have people submit their badly done or old tattoos, where we pick the Top 5 post them online and have people vote. Then the winner gets their tattoo fixed of covered absolutely free. We want to do for the community what other shops in our city won't do. We feel that quality work and giving back to the city we live in is the most important thing. We would love to be able to get our message across to let the community know that we are here to help and that we are not just another tattoo shop but we are here to promote the art and the culture. Thank you very much for your time, Juan Muniz

Written by 24471382 — May 10, 2012

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