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By Oliver Peck(er) Last week I continued my journey and went from Stockholm, Sweden to Limerick, Ireland to meet up with Ross Nagle and Dale Turner at Allstar Tattoo. Ross is one of my favorite tattooers and his business partner and shop manager Dale is a one-of-a-kind-guy, I love them both! I have guest-spotted there a few times in the last year or so. I love it there it is an awesome shop and all the guys are the best! Ross Nagle is an amazing tattooer, if you are not familiar with him you should definitely check him out and get a tattoo if possible, he will be coming through the States a few times this year. Ross is coming to Dallas in late April to work with me a few days at Elm St. then we are heading out to the Fresno tattoo convention, he will also be working the State of Grace convention in October... This trip to Ireland was especially great, the people of Limerick are friendly like no other and business there is always good. The shop is well know in town and also a hot spot for guest tattooers such as, Nick Colella, Chad Koeplinger, Grant Cobb and more have been passing through there for some time now. Ross had two surprises for me this trip one that my buddy Jordan Teear from London (tattooer at Frith St.) showed up to hang out. So Jordan, Ross and myself did a colab-tattoo on Barry that works at the shop (B-TAT as we call him now). We picked out a sweet Sailor Jerry tattoo that we all liked and I did the outline, Jordan did the shading and Ross did the color and it came out sweet! Old-school assembly line tattoos, just as back in the day many high volume shops would work this way, where one artist would just outline everything and so on... This was very fast and efficient, especially since they weren't changing needles or any of that stuff. The second surprise was that we were all going to Dublin for a day to hang out with Tommy the Truth at Classic Ink! It was fuckin' sweet! I did a few tattoos at the shop and I got Tommy to put his stamp on my arm, a lil' TTT! The shop there is small... But packed full of great flash, mostly painted by Tommy! And some by Walter the guy that has been workin for Tommy for about five years. Wal, or Wally as he is called, paints some incredible flash and I was lucky to get a hand full of sheets off of him in trade for a small tat. Tommy and his shop are probably the best known tattoo shop in Ireland for good reason! So back to Limerick, (we get home at like 3 a.m.) and back to work at Allstar at the crack of noon the next day where me and Ross pumped out great fun-to-do tattoos! This is one of my favorite places to guest spot! Super fun, lots of cool tattoos to do and the best people to hang out with. I am also in the progress of doing some serious tattoos on Ross and Dale, last trip I outlined a big tattoo as the start of Ross' backpiece, he had some previous work at the top of his back that he is gonna hit with the laser a few times before we cover that part up, anyhow this trip we tackled the black shading on his back in about three hours or so... On Dale's leg I have done about four sessions so far and we are planning on finishing up the entire leg in the next three or four sessions, both of these are some of my favorite tattoos I have done in a long time. I worked four days at Allstar this trip and it was pretty rad. I ended my last day by getting Ross to tattoo a lil' S/C on my hand, for Stab City, Limericks nick name. It was a bummer this trip was a lil' short but I gotta get back to Dallas in time to get ready or Friday the 13th coming up. Also I was in Sweden and Finland right before this so it's time to get home for a bit. So next time I will tell you all about how our Friday the 13th marathon came out, I should also mention the we did a 24 hour marathon at True Tattoo in Hollywood as well for this Friday the 13th with lots of good guest artists! Sweet! -Oliver (Oliver Peck can be found at Elm St. Tattoo in Dallas and True Tattoo in Hollywood.)

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Written by 24471382 — April 18, 2012

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