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Here is just one extraordinary example of our collective creative potential when it's put into motion! This is Marcus' contribution to our community. If you really 'get it' and want to help Marcus make more or spread the word, link The Gypsy Gentleman to your own site and blog.  These episodes will only get better as Marcus and his crew gain experience and a decent budget. Enjoy! -Crash
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[More information on expanded page] The third in a series of films chronicling the travels of the gypsy gentleman. A travel documentary profiling the world’s greatest tattooers and the world’s most fascinating places.

Jason Kundell

Jason was born and raised in Southern California, but his mustache hails from an El Paso Rancher's upper lip. In 2009, he migrated north, as he left San Francisco to bring the Pacific Northwest his brand of Japanese inspired tattooing in his reincarnation of the world renown Art Work Rebels tattoo studio. Outside of tattooing Jason enjoys Jiu Jitsu, porchetta sandwiches, & Neurosis, but puts spending time with his daughter, Lula, above everything else. Jason can often be spotted towing Lula on his bike around the city on his days off.

George Campise

My name is George Campise & I work & own War Horse Tattoo in Berkeley California. Originally from southern New Jersey, I moved to San Francisco in 1991 & started tattooing in 1993. I've had no formal instruction in art (beyond high school) except for the example set before me by the incredible gallery of artists & tattooist I've been fortunate enough to work with over the last 19 years. Through my shared experiences with these people as co-workers, at times clients & often as jackasses I feel I've been able to find my voice & develop a style which in equal measure has been influenced by the imagery of my childhood (comics, movies, skate art) and the genius I've been fortunate enough to witness. I truly cannot express enough the gratitude I have for these people & on a larger scale tattooing as a whole. Every single positive thing I have in my life, from friends to family, tattooing has provided. I hope my time as a practitioner reflects my gratitude for having been chosen for this honor.
I am very proud of what we have achieved on just a belief in something real, and how we used our determination and our time and our voice to affect human change. Please go to and support us. Your friend, --Marcus Kuhn Send PayPal Donations by cut and pasting this link: (Jason Kundell is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #24.) (Marcus Kuhn is featured in Tattoo Artist Magazine #22)

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Written by 24471382 — April 17, 2012

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