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Story and Photos by Nate Igor Smith As I write this I am currently on a flight from Los Angeles  to New York City on my way home from shooting the Musink tattoo convention and music festival in Orange County, CA. I was out there working for Sailor Jerry and having some fun along the way. Sailor Jerry once again set up a trailer to tattoo bands, promote the brand and host some serious games of corn hole. Dan Smith was doing the tattoos all weekend and tattooed bands like New Found Glory, Bayside, Paramore, Against Me! and a bunch of others...  I personally had a lot more fun than I expected. I am not a huge pop punk fan and was not exactly excited to see bands like Yellowcard bastardize the punk rock I hold so dear to my heart, but across the board the bands were a lot better live than I expected. Even Yellowcard put on a pretty damn good show. New Found Glory and Alkaline Trio really proved why they were the headliners of the two days of the festival I attended putting on some pretty fantastic shows. I don’t think I am gonna go home and buy their records but I was glad I got to see them do their thing. I didn’t spend a lot of time inside the tattoo convention part of the festival as I had to stick around the Sailor Jerry airstream for the most part, but I did get to make a few rounds and saw some amazing work done. My favorite had to be a Steve Jobs leg tattoo that I think won one of the tattoo contests. There were also an unreasonable amount of hot girls at the tattoo convention so that was a reason to venture inside to the air-conditioned part of Musink. One last thing I should mention about this festival is that Hayley Williams and Taylor York from Paramore showed up to watch Hayley’s boyfriend from New Found Glory play. I shot a couple of pictures of them and then Taylor came back and got a Sailor Jerry tattoo from Dan on Sunday. I posted a few of those pictures on my Tumblr and it was as if the Internet exploded. Evidently there are like 2000 Twitter accounts dedicated to Paramore. It is sort of insane. So if you came here from one of these Paramore Tumblrs (Hayley herself posted one of my pics on her Tumblr) looking for more pictures you are in luck. There are a couple more pics of Hayley and a bunch more of Taylor getting tattooed. Anyway, I am gonna get back to flying in this airplane now. I will see you guys on the ground. For more photos and info please visit: Special thanks to Dana Dynamite and Sailor Jerry Rum Company.

Written by 24471382 — March 07, 2012

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