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Molly Skobba The minute Drew Flores started at State of Grace everyone knew he’d fit in just fine. He brought a breath of fresh air into the studio, adding to the repertoire and reputation of the already stellar State of Grace... Drew, from San Jose, has been tattooing for about four years now. His older brother used to tattoo and inspired him to quit construction and venture into the trade himself. His wide range of interests in traditional, cultural tattooing like American traditional, Japanese, and Aztec/Mayan styles keep him busy drawing, perfecting his work. And to give you an idea of the kind of guy Drew is, he named his two adorable sons as a major drive to work harder and achieve his many goals in his career. Drew also runs an artistic venture with a couple friends; Andreas Coenen (Sinner and the Saint Tattoo in Germany) Abraham Ortega, Roberto Cervantes, and Carlos Jr. Ayala. They are all pirates in this crew traveling the world searching for gold. When they’re not pillaging villages, they work on their collective project of artwork and clothing that plays homage to the traditions and cultural roots of modern tattooing. Drew has kindly given me his collective’s mission statement to share to give readers a clear idea of what this artistic project is about. The Pistolero Viejo collective pays homage to artists from past generations by studying the history and purpose of traditional tattooing in all cultures... From California prison inmates dating back to the 1960's and 1970's, who brought struggle and pain, as well as beauty in single needle black and grey form, to ancient Islanders tapping, to the Japanese men who perform irezumi with tebori, to the old Americas, where Indios and Mexicas practiced scarification and tattoo... All forms of the craft were done with tradition from each of their regions all over the planet! Worldwide, Pistolero Viejos were/are everywhere! Embrace the brand P/V Est. 1910. Drew is an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with, his t-shirts are really cool and the artwork is rich! Check out his stuff at:

Written by 24471382 — March 05, 2012

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