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By Jay Brown Well, the story continues and the history jumps off of the pages as Eddie tells of his life and adventures in the tattoo world. This next issue starts off where the last one left off, and I even heard that some of the stories from the earlier books develop more, as the chronicle of this great tattooer continues on in the much awaited, Mi Vida Loca – The Life & Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie Vol. 4. I’ve been told that this one is the best yet… In this edition, Eddie goes into the start of the National Tattoo Supply when he get’s together with Peter Ta-2 and Bob Shaw, the First Tattoo Convention in Houston, when he takes over Jack Armstrong’s shop and when he bought the building at Kennsington and Alleghany in the beginning of the 80s. I’ve already said too much, but there’s a little teaser for what’s in store in Vol. 4… You’ll have to get the book to find out more. So don’t forget to grab the next volume of this extraordinary tattoo mans adventure over 50 some odd years in the trade, from his roots in Coney Island, to his time in Philadelphia, His Travels, National Tattoo Supply, to his involvement with tattoo conventions, to his retirement and beyond. You can pre-order your copy of Vol. 4 at Volumes 1-3 are also available in a package set on sale for $75 dollars, plus shipping... That’s three books for the price of two! And when they are gone they are gone because Eddie has decided to not do any reprints. So get them while the gettin' is good! These books are a great addition to any tattooer’s, or enthusiast’s library. Vol. 5 is coming soon… ALL VOLUMES are available exclusively through Eddie’s website for $30 for the book and $50 for the book and the accompanying audio CD.  (Jay Brown is a tattooer and contributing blogger for Tattoo Artist Magazine. Jay can be found at A Fine Art Tattoo Studio in Moscow, Idaho.)

Written by 24471382 — February 08, 2012

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