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By Phil Kyle I am going to touch base on the subject. All you folks out there allowing your "friends" to "tattoo" you with dodgy equipment and NO EXPERIENCE or PROPER TRAINING need to wake up... along with the folks that are scarring you up! You think they are doing you a favor because they are giving you a shitty tattoo or hepatitis? You think they have an autoclave? Or spray down the area and materials after tattoo with Trigene? Or pay (like I do) for biohazard pick-up every week? Fuck no... They probably have four needles that came with the kit they bought online... What a treat... Fuck, I was watching Dueling Banjo's video on You Tube the other day and what the fuck do I see? An advert for cheap tattoo equipment right next to the video... 70% off! Free shipping! Plus Free Gift! The whole sha-bang! (It's not a fucking model airplane kit for fucks-sake... You are risking people's health!) Wow...does that show the hallmark of quality or what? Fuck no... It shows that motherfuckers are scamming on my craft and making people think they can tattoo. Would you buy a brain surgery kit online? Again... fuck no! I have worked up some examples using some of my own work alongside some of these fucked up tattoos some of you folks are getting. It's just easier for me to use my own work then to ask permission to use other people's work etc... You get the point. So... if you look at some of these examples and you see these "shittoos" and then next to them what can be done by someone who has served a proper "old school" apprenticeship from someone tattooing for 20 years not two... And has experience in doing cover-ups and fix-ups etc. Not just going in blindly with shitty equipment and hoping for the best when the result is always the same... SHIT. I cannot fathom how today when there are so many amazing tattooers out there that this is still happening... People buy crap tattoo kits off of the Internet, set up their shit and "tattoo" people they know... The people they know are just as stupid. Kids covered in incredibly shitty outlines and fucked-up completed "tattoos." And the sad thing it's not just young kids... Fuck, come on "adults" you all should know better! Grown-ups my ass... It's your fucking body for fucks-sake. It's about doing your homework and researching a tattooer that can actually make the tattoo you want... And not settling for this shit on your arm. And saying, "It's not so bad" even though you all know it's SHIT! You just have to live with is so you tell yourself it's okay... Well it's not. Wake up folks!!! Getting tattooed by your mates in your mom's kitchen is not professional... Getting tattooed in a shop where the in-house "tattooers" have been tattooing for two years with no apprenticeship is not your answer either. And those idiots have "apprentices." How can they teach anyone anything? They can't even wipe their own asses properly. A tattoo shop is not just any tattoo shop. Some are actually out there setting and respecting standards and respecting tattooing and the people they tattoo, to give you the best tattoo you can get. Go to shops, look at portfolios. A portfolio is important... not just a few photos up on Facebook, the Internet is balls on that aspect. It's a physical book full of tattoos that have been done in the shop. Sit down and have a look. Instead of jumping the gun to get a shitty tattoo that cost you a pack of cigarettes and a 6-pack of beer. Or the classic "I got it for free..." Well, you fucking got ripped-off, because now you have to live with that turd on your arm. Tattoos are not a trend... They are not some fashion fad... They are forever and are personal. Even if the design means nothing and you simply like the art work, get it done properly! I do so many cover-ups and re-works it's insane. Get the shit done right the first time. Pay the price for a good tattoo or pay the price of having a shitty, free tattoo from some scab-vendor loser fuck-hole tattooing near the refrigerator so they can reach beers while tattooing with bloody gloves on,  if they even have gloves... Awesome cross contamination! The choice is obvious isn't it? If everyone lived by this then all these scratchers (tattooers/assholes) would become extinct like a fucking T-Rex. Do your home work. Get good tattoos and actually be able to say this tattoo is awesome, because it really is, and not just because you are stuck with some other shit tattoo that some poor bastard (like me) has to find ways to cover or fix... Wake up! It's on you forever! Signing off for now... Think People! Thanks, Phil Kyle Magnum Opus Tattoo Brighton, England

Written by 24471382 — November 23, 2011

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