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By Jimmy Perlman In the tradition of triple date tattoos 6/6/06, 7/7/07 etc... 11/11/11 is the Holy Grail, it's all ones! We won’t get this opportunity again for a hundred years... Tour tattoos with the band Lucero are a very common thing, so when we knew we would be on the road for November 11th I looked at the routing and saw we were going to be in Tallahassee Florida, home of Craig Beasley, owner of Monument Tattoo. Craig is a smokin' tattooer with a very bold and illustrative style. He is also a consummate road dog, traveling and tattooing bands on tour in and out of shitty backstages, hotel rooms and tour busses... so it was completely appropriate! I called up Craig and he was fully down for the all-day party of non-stop triple 11s. We pretty unanimously came up with the Spinal Tap based, "This one goes to eleven" idea. If you're not privy to that movie's slang, go see it! Thanks to all of the Monument crew and Craig for a great hang and sweet tour tats... see you down the road!

Written by 24471382 — November 14, 2011

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